Heinriq (Henry) GregariElizabeth Loffier

Franz (Frank) Joseph GregoryIva Dorcus Morris

Anna (Anne) Marie Gregory

l i n k s
Children with:
Clarence Gibson Carpenter
Warren Milford Armstrong

Albert (Al) Henry Gregory
Frank James Gregory
Ola May Gregory
William Thomas Gregory
Dorothy Irene Gregory
Elias (Eli) Everet Gregory
Elizabeth (Bessie) Jane Gregory

Gregory (Greg) Robert Armstrong
Wendy June Carpenter
Tina Rose Carpenter
Annette Marie Carpenter
Anna (Anne) Marie Gregory
  • Born: 4 Nov 1923, Emmet County, MI
  • Married 23 Dec 1961 to Warren Milford Armstrong
  • Married 7 Jul 1943 to Clarence Gibson Carpenter

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